The Wheelable is an innovative and easy to operate commode and shower chair, developed by Seatara in cooperation with our focus groups consisting of a large number of disabled people. The product’s main objective is to provide freedom of movement outside the house regardless of the presence or absence of an accessible toilet. Since many disabled people are forced to entirely change their lifestyle because of their disability, and as this affects them in each and every aspect (starting from meeting with friends, availability on working places, unto trips and/or outings in the surrounding), the Wheelable offers and effective, easy, simple, sophisticated and creative solution. The Wheelable commode and shower chair allows the disabled to use the bathroom everywhere and any time, enabling to enter a regular toilet as well as narrow and small spaces. The innovative chair is designed for permanent disabled persons, for temporary disabled who need a solution during the rehabilitation period as well as for family or friends who want to make their handicapped guest feel comfortable when he comes to visit.
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