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PATENT NO.: US 9,259,370 B2

Mobility Solutions


The facility solves a real and difficult problem and has a great impact on the quality of life of many people. The need to use the bathroom in an inaccessible environment is often present in a large variety of people. Without adequate solutions, many people are forced to reduce their world and avoid attending meetings and events with family and friends...

Shoshana Goldberg Meir

I am amputated on both legs and two and a half years ago I purchased from your company the wheelchair for a shower that was developed by you in Israel. The chair simplifies the whole bathing process, and since I use it, it has contributed greatly to improving my quality of life...

Ami Lustig

i received my Wheelable before Chrismas and what difference its made to my life. i got to use it over the Chrismas period without the anxiety of worrying about my bathroom needs. its always a worry when booking in to hotel and there is minimal equipment....

Mr A Naylor T6 complete, spinal injury.

I am very happy to hear you again. I would like to tell you that the seat Seatara have been visited Olympic games at the Rio! : ) One our friend asked it to take in with herself. I have to tell that your seat have survived!



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