Foldable Commode Chair and foldable Shower Chair


Wheelable is an innovative portable commode and shower chair that represents a solution to disabled person for using toilets outside of their own homes. No more checking if there aredisabled-accessible toilets, no more worry about travelling abroad, and no more giving up on work places, family visits or lengthy outings.

The breakthrough commode and shower chair, the Wheelable, is the fruit of Israeli development together with the focus group where dozens of People with disabilities took part. The chair was planned to provide an effective solution for both permanently and temporarily disabled persons. It is suitable for use in any toilet stall, allowing for use in unusual locations, and presents the ability for double the maneuverability of regular wheelchairs.

Due to its unique size, the Wheelable can pass through narrow aisles and fit into the smallest cubicles. It can ride on elevators that are out of bounds for regular commode and shower chair, and eliminate being dependent on an escort. The chair folds up and opens by using five simple actions, which can be done with one hand within a few seconds.

Who is it for?

  • Any permanently disabled person – People with disabilities who suffer from permanent impediments know full well the distress that accompanies any drive, vacation, flight or family visit. Due to the flexibility and usefulness of Wheelable, those troubles are about to become a thing of the past. The chair can be used as a chair in regular bathrooms, without any previous adjustments and in public toilet stalls.
  • For those suffering from temporary impediments – Many times a person is forced to cope with temporary limitations on his freedom of movement. Sometimes it’s about two months, sometimes longer. Wheelable offers an efficient solution to coming home from hospital without the tiresome wait for home renovation. Also, it stays with the individual for the entire length of rehabilitation.


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