commode and shower chair for the Third Age


In many cases, the need for a wheelchair and commode and shower chair does not emerge over one day. When it comes to maturation or aging, one encounters a slow change of physical abilities and sometimes the decision to home renovation and accessibility may be made with a certain delay in relation to the actual abilities.

In other words, when our parents get older is difficult for us see the small changes, the instability and the decrease in balance.

To all this we add the bathroom; the wetness and soap contribute their share and significantly raise the risk of falling.

Falling of seniors leads in most cases to a disability or to prolonged or permanent nursing.

The ability to enter an inaccessible toilet or bathroom with the Bathmobile, provides unprecedented security for the aging person.

The Bathmobile Commode Chair is a respectable solution, quick and comfortable for its user, at home and for a stay in a hotel. Enabling minimal changes in the day-to-day needs and habits of its user.

Our accessibility chair is not a regular wheelchair; it provides a specific solution for a specific problem and can be helpful long before you will have to consider renovating the bathroom in order to make it accessible for a regular wheelchair.

The Bathmobile, portable shower wheelchair and commode Chair, is a simple and easy answer to accessibility problems at home or at a relative’s home (holidays/family events) and can be an ideal solution for use as a bedside toilet in combination with the special Bathmobile bedpan.

Bathmobile = Freedom

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