Toilets at the Mall

Shopping malls and commercial centers are usually highly wheelchair accessible especially due to the fact that legal and regulatory issues bind them to be. However, things are not always so simple. Wheelchair accessible toilets in malls may be out-of-order, occupied and/or temporarily unavailable. Often, the stall available for wheelchairs is made so that only left- or right-handed people can use them.

Most physically-challenged people are familiar with the facilities at malls that they frequent often, but when arriving at a ‘new’ place, they become concerned. Here is where the unique Wheelable comes into play. This chair provides a solution for bathrooms in any situation and in every mall. Physically challenged Wheelable owners can use any regular bathroom facility and are not forced to use only the accessible facilities. Therefore, the Wheelable provides the physically challenged person freedom of movement and a higher level of mobility. This unique portable shower and commode chair presents an impressive set of skills in narrow hallways and in especially tight and crowded areas. With its help, the physically challenged person can enjoy a visit to any mall with confidence. That is to say, the focus should be on shopping without worrying about getting in and out of a restroom.

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