Toilets in restaurants

Access to a toilet in public places, or rather lack of access, causes many disabled to avoid going to a restaurant, museum, recreational places, cinema, shopping malls etc. The dependency on the presence/absence of an accessible toilet means that each short outing becomes a complicated mission and quite a challenge.

The Wheelable commode and shower chair provides an immediate and effective solution. Now disabled too can have a normal routine and enjoy freedom of movement. Hang out with friends, go to a restaurant, hop over to visit family and even “just” take a stroll in the neighborhood without concern. These daily activities that are so important for a complete and pleasant life, can certainly also be experienced by disabled

Seatara’s innovative Wheelable, portable shower and commode wheelchair, allows entering regular toilets as well as small toilets. Thanks to its size and functional design and together with the fact that it was developed in cooperation with a large number of disabled people in the focus groups, Wheelable provides a real solution for completely independent use in bathrooms. The chair can easily be stored in the car or any modest place, is able to pass narrow spaces with impressive maneuverability, enters small elevators and folds with one hand and five movements.

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