Toilets and showers at hotels

Many People with disabilities have to give up on or compromise on one of the most pleasant experience of life – vacations. Visiting hotels or travelling become a complicated procedure, especially if there is the worry about toilet stalls and the ability to use one outside of the home. Here is where the Wheelable commode and shower chair provides the perfect solution. Due to the Wheelable, People with disabilities can travel/fly without worries.

The chair makes it possible to use regular toilet stalls, even the smallest ones, and helps to easily ride on regular elevators and pass through narrow aisles. The product folds up by simple actions using one hand, it doesn’t require permanent assistance by anyone, and when it is closed it can easily fit into a trunk or baggage compartment. The portable commode and shower chair for disabled known as Wheelable is the product of Israeli development, planned together with the assistance of a focus group of dozens of People with disabilities. The final product is a commode and shower chair for toilets that grant maximum comfort and allows for worry-free travel for People with disabilities.

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