Compared to the shelf products developed so far, the facility in question has unique and innovative features

On 7/11/2010 I was Introduced a the Wheelable…

Here’s my review of the product:

The facility solves a real and difficult problem and has a great impact on the quality of life of many people. The need to use the bathroom in an inaccessible environment is often present in a large variety of people. Without adequate solutions, many people are forced to reduce their world and avoid attending meetings and events with family and friends. Moreover, sometimes they can not return to their homes after a trauma that has impaired the ability to walk and stand, and therefore stay longer periods in the framework of hospitals or institutions.

Compared to the shelf products developed so far, Wheelable has unique and innovative features: a combination of original dismantling and folding mechanisms, a unique design, compactness that enables storage in a small space, and the use of very small toilets, combined with human assistance.

I think there are a number of relevant target audiences:

Temporary disabilities – after breaking the pelvis, knee replacement, etc. In these cases, there is a temporary period in which it is impossible to stand and move to the bathroom and shower, and at the same time, these are ordinary apartments,

Disabled people confined to wheelchairs – and living a normal life for everything. For them, the facility allows access to toilets and bathing in inaccessible environments such as airplanes and ships. They can stay with friends who live in uninhabited apartments and participate in events that take place in places that are not accessible

The elderly who live in apartments are inaccessible, and as the years go by they need to adjust and use accessories because of weakness and disability that come gradually

As an occupational therapist who has spent many years advising on assistive technology, and as a woman with disabilities – and confined to a wheelchair – I dealt with questions about service solutions both personally and during meetings with counselors. I was deeply impressed by the capabilities of the wheelable toilet seat, and I believe it can significantly improve the quality of life for many.


Shoshana Goldberg Meir




the treatment I receive from your company is professional, warm and considerate, which I am not usually used to

In honor of Sunrise Industries Halabin

Mr. Ido Eilam, CEO

I am amputated on both legs and two and a half years ago I purchased from your company the wheelchair for a shower that was developed by you in Israel.
The chair simplifies the whole bathing process, and since I use it, it has contributed greatly to improving my quality of life.

It is very important to emphasize that in addition to being an ingenious solution for people with physical disabilities such as mine, the treatment I receive from your company is professional, warm and considerate, which I am not usually used to.
I wish you success along the way and hope you will know how to help many others as you help me.

Warmly welcome,

Ami Lustig

thank you for this live changing product

A Happy New Year From A Very Happy Customer!

Dear Osprey,

i received my Wheelable before Chrismas and what difference its made to my life.

i got to use it over the Chrismas period without the anxiety of worrying about my bathroom needs. its always a worry when booking in to hotel and there is minimal equipment (usual drop down  handles and level floor), but now i know i can book in confidence knowing that that part of my stay has no impact.

i know i’m looking forward to booking a holiday abroad knowing that i don’t have to worry, thank you for this live changing product.

Mr A Naylor

T6 complete, spinal injury.

I would like to tell you that the seat Seatara have been visited Olympic games at the Rio!

Dear Yana,


I am very happy to hear you again. I would like to tell you that the seat Seatara have been visited Olympic games at the Rio! : ) One our friend asked it to take in with herself. I have to tell that your seat have survived!

During the Expo at Bologna your colleague has told that even the system of foot support has been changed and promised to send this part. I think this will be opportunity to send it as well.

I wish you a nice week!




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