BathMobile accesability solution
03 Sep 2020

BathMobile accesability solution

The first key difference in commode and shower chairs is between chairs with or without wheels.

The second difference is between Self-propelled and attendant propelled.

To make these chairs portable, some are made from plastic, making them light weight and easy to clean. 

BathMobile is a commode and shower chair which is made from hi-tech plastic (nylon 6+fiber). It is durable for use in showers, as it is made from plastic with stainless steel pins.  Bathmobile can be assembled and unassembled easily in few seconds without tooling.

BathMobile is an Accessibility Solution for daily use at home or in the hospital but is also a portable solution for travelling and can be purchased with a Carrying Case, which is available as an accessory.

BathMobile by Seatara has an attendant propelled version as the basic model and it can be changed to a self-propelled commode and shower chair by adding 24” wheels and custom-made brakes.

BathMobile has many advantages over other commode and shower chairs:

Three different height positions allow access to different heights of toilet. Different seat positions allow more toiletting options and removable armrests and footrests improve to small toilet and shower rooms. At 10kg, it is no effort to move and with additional carry case, it becomes easily portable. Addtional padded parts, shower holder and carrying case are sold as accessories.

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