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Make Showering Safe with a Shower and Commode Chair

Stay safe while showering with  portable commode chair

Bathroom accidents can happen both at home and when you’re traveling when you are not prepared with the right equipment. Elderly family members who aren’t able to remain steady in the shower can benefit greatly from a travel shower chair that they can use with them in the shower. This allows them to sit and rest rather than try to maintain their balance in a wet and slippery environment. Knowing the benefits of using a portable commode chair will ensure that your loved one remains safe at all times in the shower.

Have a Place to Sit

Both old age and injury can make it difficult to stand for extended periods of time, but a travel commode chair allows people to sit when they are feeling weak. This allows people to rest, no matter if they are in the bathroom in the morning or after a long day. Taking a portable chair such as the Wheelable on the road ensures that users can enjoy that same sense of security even when they aren’t in their own bathroom.

Protect against Falls

Not only does a travel shower chair make it possible to rest when someone is feeling tired and in the shower, but they also make it very easy for users to remain safe and avoid falls. Falls in the bathroom can be devastating and it is very common for people to break a bone. The Wheelable, however, provides a safe place to sit where users can be protected and limits the chances of users sustaining a devastating fall.

Enjoy Privacy

Finally, using a portable commode chair allows people to retain their privacy. Instead of needing to have another person in the bathroom with you at home or on vacation, these chairs allow people to take care of themselves independently. This not only boosts self-confidence, but will prevent people from feeling like a burden.

There’s no reason why you or your loved one can’t be safe while using the bathroom alone. Using a quality shower chair is the best way to decrease the possibility of dangerous falls and to prevent people from being injured. When you are ready to ensure that you are safe in the bathroom or give your family member back their privacy, it’s time to invest in a quality shower or commode chair that is portable and will work not only in your home, but also when you are traveling.

How Can Disables People Enjoy Freedom of Movement?

It is important that all people, even those who are Disables, are able to move about freely during the course of their day and for the entirety of their lives. This freedom of movement can be obtained when a person has a portable lightweight wheelchair that they are able to take with them on a day-to-day basis. With so many opportunities to buy a wheelchair that meets their needs, many people choose to purchase more than one type to make their lives easier.

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Disables People Can Enjoy the Ability to Travel Abroad and Not Worry about Accessibility Issues

Anyone who loves to travel knows that all of the walking, dealing with small bathrooms and living spaces, and getting on and off tour buses can be very difficult, especially for people who are in a wheelchair. However, people who are Disables should have access to the same travel experiences as everyone else. This involves using portable wheelchairs to get around as well as a travel shower chair that can be used in small bathrooms. Buying this equipment will open up a world of travel.

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Join us at “THE MOBILITY ROAD SHOW” on the 26th-28th of May, Silverstone Circuit, UK

Our dealer in UK – OSPREY HEALTHCARE will display our WheelAble chair from the 26th to the 28th of May 2016 at Silverstone Circuit, UK.

WheelAble is a unique and brilliantly designed commode and shower wheelchair for non-accessible bathrooms and toilets. Wheelable is lightweight, compact and foldable shower chair and has  many more features. The product allows the challenged person to use any bathroom or toilet stall in a more flexible, spontaneous and independent manner than with any other ordinary wheelchair.

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We are at the REHACARE 2015 Trade Fair, Dusseldorf Germany

logo_rehacare2015_03_C22_e_high_resREHACARE 2015 Trade Fair is officialy began. We are happy and proud to take part of the exhibition.

REHACARE is the leading international trade fair for rehabilitation, prevention, inclusion and care. This fair is an ideal platform for anyone with disabilities, care requirements or chronic conditions as well as for the elderly.

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