About WheelAble Lightweight Shower Chair

Wheelable – a unique wheelchair for non-accessible bathrooms and toilets

The Wheelable is the only Portable Shower Chair For Disabled in the world that makes it possible for the physically challenged person to be independent in using regular non- wheelchair accessible washrooms.

The set of wheels is opposite from the regular wheels and makes it possible for better manipulation. Manipulation is up to twice better than a specially outfitted bathroom chair for the independent user.

The location of the wheels is unique and makes it possible for the chair to ride backwards in toward a regular toilet without the need for spacious areas from the walls as appear in accessible bathrooms and toilet stalls.

The size of the wheel and its location under the seat makes the breadth of the seat especially narrow, providing a significant advantage in narrow passages.

The location of the wheel under the seat and the folding arm rest make for easy maneuvering, and make an easier and safer transfer from chair to chair or from bed to chair.

Push up folding arm rest make for comfortable seating on the chair alongside an upholstered waterproof seat which make for comfortable seating for a lengthy time period.

Wheelable is a unique product that makes it possible for the independent physically challenged person to cope with situations that are considered banal for every healthy person. The product allows the permanently challenged person to use any bathroom or toilet stall in a more flexible, spontaneous and independent manner than with any ordinary wheelchair.

Wheelable is the solution that takes into account a number of everyday situations and provides an encompassing and real solution for basic everyday problems. The tiny folds allow for the Wheelable to enter any vehicle and any closet. The materials used are sturdy and can withstand an array of cleaning products; the upholstery and production method make it waterproof and quick-drying. A variety of mechanical solutions provides convenience in use and is comfortable even for those with serious manual and dexterity impairments. It can be used with one hand only while sitting on a wheelchair near this product.

All these details make the Wheelable a breakthrough product in the field of washroom and toilet wheelchairs.

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