03 Sep 2020

WheelAble – Self Propelled Travel Commode and Shower Chair made by Seatara.

WheelAble Travel Commode and Shower Chair gives you the ability to use inaccessible toilets and showers and therefor you can travel much more freely.

WheelAble is a unique and innovative light weight, foldable travel commode and shower chair.

The narrow width (49 cm) of the chair and specific the fact that the rotation radius is 0 – makes WheelAble suitable for most of compact showers or toilets. 

WheelAble can be folded or opened in less than 10 seconds without any tooling.

It is made from a European hi-tech plastic (nylon 6 and fiber) which makes it very strong.

The maximum weight capacity is 130kg and the chair capacity is 12 kg.

WheelAble has a custom-made Carrying Case which makes it very portable and suitable for flights.

WheelAble is the best solution for people who use a wheelchair and fly a lot because of their jobs, playing international sport or for holidays.

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