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Accessibility Solution


Seatara is dedicated to the development and marketing of new, innovative and friendly accessibility solutions, which enhance and ease the life of disabled individuals.

We offer new freedom and independence for the disabled by developing unique, state-of-the-art and easy-to-use chairs for both traveling and homecare use, as well as various other products and accessories.

Our Wheelable travel commode and shower chair has a unique new design, that frees you from being dependent on accessible toilets while traveling or visiting friends and family, and has many other special and useful features. It allows you to use regular toilets or showers anywhere – regardless of their accessibility for the disabled, and can be self-propelled, freeing you from having to have an escort.

Our Bathmobile commode and shower chair is easily adjustable for your needs, allowing you to adjust the height to fit any toilet seat. It has armrests and footrests that swivel to a completely open position and can also be easily removed, and an optional self-propelling wheel that can be easily mounted for increased independent accessibility.

Our current products can be effortlessly assembled/disassembled and fit into an optional handy carrying case, making them ideal for traveling.



The freedom to travel anywhere!

Innovative portable commode and shower chair for traveling


Highly versatile and practical commode and shower chair

Patented innovative design for use in regular bathrooms, never worry about accessible facilities while traveling again! Lightweight, durable, adjustable commode and shower chair for comfortable daily use, easy to assemble for occasional traveling

Wheelable features and advantages:

Bathmobile features and advantages:

No need for accessible toilets – The special design and wheel arrangement allows maneuvering in especially narrow spaces and reversing over a toilet bowl, including regular toilet bowls which are not distanced from the wall.

Can be self-managed, without an escort – Wheelable is self-propelled, allowing the independent disabled person to manage on his/her own without an escort, also in non-accessible toilets and showers.

Optional removable pan – for additional comfort, as well as other accessories that add extra versatility.

Very easy to fold/unfold – Wheelable only takes a moment to unfold, which can also be done by a person sitting in a wheelchair, even with one hand. Fits into an optional handy carrying case

Very easy to move over to – Thanks to its unique wheels, which are located below the seat height, allowing switching chairs easily.

Ideal shower chair, safe and durable – Wheelable is made of glass-fibers reinforced nylon, which makes it highly suitable for use in bathrooms. All metal parts are made of stainless steel and are resistant to water.

Bathmobile is easily adjustable for your needs – Adjust height, mount self-propelling wheels, swivel seat 1800 for easy cleaning, two detachable bedpan options, assemble /disassemble in minutes and fit into an optional carrying case.

Moving in and out is a breeze – With armrests and footrests that swivel to a completely open position and can also be easily removed, moving in and out of the chair has never been easier.

Durable lightweight plastic material – Lightweight and ideal for shower and cleaning

Very easy to assemble/disassemble – for storage and occasional traveling, fits into an optional handy carrying case.

An optional self-propelling wheel – can be easily mounted for the more independent disabled


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