Maximum Accessibility With Mobile Shower Chair And Mobile Commode Chair

One of the complicated problems that People with disabilities need to deal with is the lack of freedom of movement. Because of the obvious difficulty in using toilets outside of the home or unsuitable toilet stalls, many of these people stay within their own familiar and safe spaces. Now, because of the Wheelable commode and shower chair, everyone everywhere can enjoy the high-quality and efficient solution for every situation, anytime, anywhere.

Wheelable is an innovative portable commode chair and shower chair developed by the Israeli Seatara company together with the Zriha group. Dozens of People with disabilities participated in the original research. The result is a functional, well designed wheel chair that breaks through mobility limitations and makes it possible for any People with disabilities to use regular toilets that have not undergone any special suitability remodeling. This chair makes it possible for the People with disabilities to travel, go on vacations, visit family, change work places, and go on long trips with total independence and without an escort. The chair can be folded up easily for travel by simple actions which can be done with one hand. It is lightweight and provides impressive mobility as it fits into any flight baggage holder or car trunk.

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