Temporary Injuries

Injuries may cause temporary immobility. During the rehabilitation period, which may last long months or even years, the individual needs to deal, perhaps for the first time in his life, with the ‘simple’ task of going to the toilet? On the one hand, he is dependent on an escort and on a suitably accessible toilet, and on the other hand, the temporary impediment usually places the burden on family members or friends (or sometimes the individual himself) to invest in renovations.

It is exactly for this type of situation that the Wheelable portable commode and shower wheelchair can provide the solution right from day one. The chair helps the person with a temporary disability to use the regular bathroom and to keep on living his life normally. Freedom of movement and emotional calm leave the individual free to concentrate on getting well without lowering his quality of life. The chair can be used at home as well as for going to work, on vacation and for social visits.

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