Travelling with the Wheelable
25 Mar 2021

Travelling with the Wheelable

For many of us, travel involves planning. For people with disabilities, or older people, travelling may require mapping out a journey: from leaving home to planning breaks and arriving at the end destination, identifying potential barriers along the way. This can feel exhausting before even opening the door to leave home! 

With the WheelAble, a travel commode and shower chair, our aim it to bring opportunities for spontaneity and travel, giving you freedom and independence to do the trips that you want to do, rather than being limited to what seems to be accessible to you. 

Whether your journey involves;

  • Airport, train, or bus transfers,
  • connecting journeys,
  • transfer to accommodation or 
  • getting out and about once you arrive,

the WheelAble has been designed with the aim of giving you choices and making travel easier.

Utilising world class mechanical engineering innovation and ingenuity, the WheelAble is a combined shower and toilet commode; with folding mechanism, creating an ultra-compact and streamlined product for transport, with its own ergonomic case. No need to carry, it can easily be wheeled and placed on luggage trolleys at airports; in luggage racks on trains or inside luggage compartments in buses. Weighing under 12kg, it can simply be placed in the back of a car and still leave space for the rest of your luggage.

For the more adventurous, the WheelAble can be used camping or for off-road trips and unplanned stops, offering a greater sense of freedom. If you are looking for a product with extra skin protection, the WheelAble also has an option for an upholstered padded seat.

The WheelAble can open more accommodation opportunities. The toilet chair simply converts to a shower chair by changing the seat; two products in one simple, compact portable design. At less than 20” wide, it can fit through narrow doorways, allowing access to bedrooms and bathrooms, which may be inaccessible in a wheelchair. The wheelable toilet chair fits easily over any type of toilet up to 18.5” or 47cm in height, to make it easier to use. No difficult transfers, the Wheelable wheels simply into place over the toilet. If the doorway is a barrier, the toilet pan allows the WheelAble to be used in any private space, giving confidence that there is a toileting solution wherever you go! 

If space in the room is limited, the WheelAble folds to a width of just 9”, requiring minimal space for storage. In a few seconds, it can be back in position when needed. Engineered from high quality plastic, it can rapidly be wiped down and packed away, ready to move on to the next destination.

Designed with you in mind; for long-term, carefree usage to give freedom, spontaneity, and confidence for a better life.

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